Mission Statement

This is an open-source publication, and a non-profit community organisation, meaning that the community is involved in the promotion and maintenance of this organisation. Anyone can download the original publication file and alter it in any manner (as long as it does not infringe on copyright law) and distribute it any way they see fit. For media such as music and film the community requires special permission from the artist(s) for distribution. Everyone who becomes involved is a volunteer in this case, since the magazine relies on the community for submissions of any kind and for distribution of copies and promotion of artists and their work.

Pourquoi Suis-Je Une Femme? is looking for art that is poignant, insane, revolutionary, quixotic, meaningful, and/or which captures the imagination of its audience. We like art that forces one to question their perspective of reality. We do not discriminate against anyone based on any identity, despite whatever nature of what they submit. Censorship is not in our philosophy, but we do not tolerate or promote hatred and immaturity. We publish twice a year.

The name of the blog/artmag means “Why am I a woman?”. We came up with this name understanding the horror that comes with the conflict of selfhood and identity in relation to the world. We chose “woman” in particular because in the root core of many spiritual practises, feminine energy embodies and underlies everything (think “shakti” in Hinduism). Our name is therefore emphasising the irony of existence and the pain which is symptomatic of being. This is not to generalise, undermine, or reject anyone who does not associate as a woman, nor does it make the blog/artmag necessarily female-oriented. The context may be spiritual and philosophical, but that is not the focus. The focus is on publishing art that is meaningful and reflects the issues (whatever they are) we are all uncomfortable in facing or discussing. As long as you submit art that you made (or collaborated on), and as long as you feel it is representative of you, it will be considered.

All rights are kept by the artist who submits, whatever their chosen art form is. Pourquoi Suis-Je Une Femme? only publishes/shares work which is entered using the relevant form. As soon as the magazine is physically distributed (mailed to an address, with postage, from where it is printed) all contributors’ work will be protected by copyright law. Please give the editor(s) a maximum of three months to reply to your submission.

The artist who submits is not required to give any information they don’t want to give. They can leave their work anonymous, put it under a name that isn’t theirs, not include sex/gender/ethnic information, etc. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY (whyamiawoman@gmail.com) if you see your work published and you did not agree to have it published.


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