“The harsh sounds of the emergency broadcast system juxtaposed with the soft glow emanating from my…”

The harsh sounds of the emergency broadcast system juxtaposed with the soft glow emanating from my tv is what I just woke up to, and I remembered once again I was sad. I should go back to sleep as soon as possible, as depression wears you out, and I have work later today, but I can’t seem to fight this feeling. I hate myself for not having the courage to delete your name and number, delete any trace of you at all. Sure, even if I did that, traces of you would still remain, and I’m not quite ready to stop thinking of you and what might happen if we run into each other… and secretly hoping we do. Something that I know will, probably, never happen.

For now, all that I could muster is unfollowing you, so I won’t see or speculate. This is a start, and soon one day I won’t think of you everyday, I will be removed from this sadness on to another, I’ll forget about you completely.

*Fingers crossed*

@drunk-with-dreams 3 am thoughts. (via drunk-with-dreams)


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