“The overwhelming absence of female artists until recent times has left a black hole in the history of art”


– 72% of students at the University of Arts London (including Central Saint Martins, Camberwell and Chelsea) are women

– Yet only 31% of artists represented by London galleries are women

– Only five of the 31 Turner Prize winners have been women (six including the 2015 winners, ‘Assemble’, a mixed gender collective)

– The 2015 Venice Biennale consisted of 54% male artists, 33% female artists and 13% collectives

– In 2010, 83% of artists showing in the Tate Modern were men

– In 2012, less than 4% of the artists in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, were women 

[Quote from Jonathan Jones, ‘Saatchi Gallery’s all-female exhibition could start to shift male gaze of the art world’, The Guardian (January 6th, 2016)]

[Statistics taken from Ailis Brennan, ‘Here’s why the Saatchi has created an art exhibition of female artists’, GQ (January 19th, 2016)]

[Picture depicts Tracey Emin, who made the Turner Prize short list for her controversial piece ‘My Bed’. She is pictured next to her digital print, ‘Deep Inside My Heart, no.6 of 16′, a collaborative piece created with fellow female artist Louise Bourgeois  as a part of the series ‘Do Not Abandon Me’ (2009-2010)]


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